CaRE2 Center Directory

Last Name First Name Full Name Project/Core Institution Email Other Affiliation 1 Other Affiliation 2
Abreu Andre Andre Abreu Prostate Full Project 1 USC
Adams Angela Angela Adams Community Outreach UF
Agyare Edward Edward Agyare Pancreas Pilot Project 4 FAMU Pancreas Pilot Project 4
Ali Jamel Jamel Ali Pancreas Pilot Project 1 FAMU
Allen John John Allen Research Education UF ESI
Greenlee Amelia Greenlee Amelia Coordinator UF
Taguchi Anne Anne Taguchi Coordinator USC
Aparicio Jose Jose Aparicio Coordinator USC Tissue Modeling Social Media
Aristazabal Carolina Carolina Aristazabal Community Outreach USC
Baezconde Lourdes Lourdes Baezconde Community Outreach USC
Brown Terrell Terrell Brown Community Outreach FAMU PEC Liaison to Outreach
Buxbaum Sarah Sarah Buxbaum Prostate Pilot Project 2 FAMU
Carpten John John Carpten Administrative USC Planning and Evaluation Tissue Modeling
Chamala Srikar Srikar Chamala Bioinformatics, Statistical and Methodological UF
Cohen Hassy Hassy Cohen Project 1 USC
Gebhard Diane Gebhard Diane Gebhard Tissue Modeling UF
Dorcena Whiteney Whiteney Dorcena Community Outreach UF Social Media
Ezenwa Miriam Miriam Ezenwa Planning and Evaluation UF
Falzarano  Sara Sara Falzarano Prostate Pilot Project 2 UF
Flores-Rozas Hernan Hernan Flores-Rozas Tissue Modeling FAMU
Fisher Floya Floya Fisher Coordinator FAMU Social Media
Fredenburg Kristianna Kristianna Fredenburg Pilot Project 1 UF Tissue Modeling ESI
Han Bo Bo Han Pancreas Pilot Project 4 USC
Huang Young Young Huang Lung Pilot Project 3 UF
Rodfiguez Janet Janet Rodriguez Community Outreach USC Coordinator Social Media
Kiros Gerbre-Egziabher Gerbre-Egziabher Kiros Bioinformatics, Statistical and Methodological FAMU
Lamango Nazarius Nazarius Lamango Lung Pilot Project 3 FAMU ESI
Mochona Bereket Bereket Mochona Research Education FAMU
Offringa Ite Ite Offringa Research Education USC Lung Pilot Project 3
Okunieff Paul Paul Okunieff Tissue Modeling UF
Reams Renee Renee Reams Administrative FAMU Prostate Pilot Project 2
Redda Ken Ken Redda Administrative FAMU Lung Pilot Project 3 Research Education
Rhie Suhn Suhn Rhie Prostate Pilot Project 2 USC
Richey Joyce Joyce Richey Research Education USC
Rogers Sherise Sherise Rogers Pancreas Pilot Project 4 UF
Salhia Bodour Bodour Salhia Tissue Modeling USC
Schmittgen Thomas Thomas Schmittgen Pilot Project 1 UF
Setiawan Wendy Wendy Setiawan Pilot Project 1 USC
Smith Ukamaka ("Amy") Ukamaka ("Amy") Smith Planning and Evaluation FAMU ESI
Stern Mariana Mariana Stern Administrative USC Prostate Pilot Project 2 Community Outreach
Su Li-Ming Li-Ming Su Project 1 UF
Suther Sandra Sandra Suther Community Outreach FAMU
Velazquez Villareal Enrique Enrique Velazquez Villareal Bioinformatics, Statistical and Methodological USC ESI
Webb Fern Fern Webb Community Outreach UF
Wilkie Diana Diana Wilkie Administrative UF Research Education Pancreas Pilot Project 4
Xing Chengguo (Chris) Chengguo (Chris) Xing Administrative UF Tissue Modeling Lung Pilot Project 3
Yao Yingwei Yingwei Yao Bioinformatics, Statistical and Methodological UF

CaRE2 Trainees

Last Name First Name Full Name Project/Core Institution Email Current Past
Gosling Alyssa Alyssa Gosling Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac
Butler Chante Chante` Butler Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac USC
Okwo Chukwuemelie Chukwuemelie Okwo Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac USC Y3
Gordon Destiny Destiny S. Gordon Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac UFL Y3
Jacobs Kayanna Kayanna Jacobs Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac UFL Y2?
Menefee James James Menefee Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac FAMU
Lattimore Chayil Chayil C. Lattimore Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac UFL Y3
Maduka Michael Michael Maduka Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac UFL Y2
Reed Tyra Tyra Reed Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac UFL Y3
Joseph Samantha Samantha Joseph Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac FAMU Y3
Telisnor Guettchina Guettchina Telisnor Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac Y4
Noel Jessie Jessie Noel Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac Y4
Nadine Nadine Nadine Belony Trainee - CaRE2 PostBac Y4
Agyare Edward Edward Agyare Trainee - CaRE2 ESI FAMU X
Ali Askai Askai Ali Trainee - CaRE2 ESI FAMU
Ali Jamel Jamel Ali Trainee - CaRE2 ESI FAMU
Allen John John Allen Trainee - CaRE2 ESI UFL X
Emamuliee Juliet Juliet Emamuliee Trainee - CaRE2 ESI USC X
Farias Albert Albert Farias Trainee - CaRE2 ESI USC X
Fredenburg Kristianna Kristianna Marie Fredenburg Trainee - CaRE2 ESI UFL X
Hill Reginald Reginald Hill Trainee - CaRE2 ESI USC
Hincapie Castillo Castillo Juan M. Hincapie Trainee - CaRE2 ESI UFL
Marconett Crystal Crystal Marconett Trainee - CaRE2 ESI USC X
Mason, Jeremy Jeremy Mason Trainee - CaRE2 ESI USC X
Scarton Lisa Lisa Scarton Trainee - CaRE2 ESI UFL X